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Knowledge Management: Capture, Optimize, Collaborate
Guided Troubleshooting and Diagnostics
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Predictive Diagnostics with Heuristic Learning
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Efficiency Through Expert Systems
Customer satisfaction goes way up when customers get the right answer quickly from a knowledgeable rep or through online self-service tools, and Expert Systems can play a powerful role in optimizing Tech Support overall. Most Support groups don't have automated expert platforms for workflow, guided troubleshooting for complex products, or expert knowledge delivery and evolution. For many, Search is the only tool for reps and customers to navigate complex technical issues. Expert Systems are a better way to guide reps and customers, and they improve rep efficiency and productivity.

LogicNets Tech Support Framework
is a powerful modular application for fully automating delivery, management, and evolution of expert technical knowledge to address the needs of all the functional units within Tech Support/Service departments. Its components include:
• LogicNets Support Center Framework
• Modules
⊕ Predictive Diagnostics
⊕ Knowledge Center
⊕ Remote Device Monitoring
⊕ Embedded Device Support
• Extensions
⊕ Customer Self-Service
⊕ Off-Line Field Service
LogicNets Base Design Platform
allows organizations to easily deploy their own point-solution applications. These are the tools that you'd love to do in Excel® except that the logic, web-based delivery, and layout needed are beyond the scope of a spreadsheet.

• Example Apps:
⊕ Troubleshooters
⊕ Configurators
⊕ Calculators
⊕ Quote Tools
⊕ Call Scripts
⊕ Assessments
...and much more!