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Clinical Decision Support Applications

COVID-19 CDS Applications

The COVID-19 crisis has clearly demonstrated the importance of having easy-to-use interactive guidance available on demand to all stakeholders in the healthcare process. COVID-19 is a completely new threat and the guidelines that are being developed and constantly improved need to be available to patients and professionals to quickly and effectively share current data, information, and expertise.

LogicNets is a CDS platform that organizations can use to rapidly create, deploy, and constantly improve interactive online guidelines of any type. The software not only simplifies and speeds up the deployment of scalable applications, but it also organizes the processes of collaboration between patients, providers, and research.

During this health pandemic LogicNets offers our platform and free expertise to anyone to enable the rapid release of on-demand guided COVID-19 related protocols. Please contact us if you have a need for a related clinical decision support application that will help your organization.

Applications to Meet the Range of COVID-19 Challenges

We have identified the need for CDS applications to provide guidance at all levels in the COVID-19 care pathway.

Patients and supporting clinicians need rapid access to the protocols for self-checks and monitoring at the beginning of the process when it is important for patients to unilaterally determine if they have been exposed.

Clinicians need quick access to the guidelines being constantly updated by leading global health organizations, such as the CDC or WHO. They need to be able to visualize triage and diagnostic algorithms and to be aware of their options and recommended actions.

Once patients have been identified, clinicians need a collaborative platform to track patient real-time status, instruct patients on recommended actions, and have means of prioritizing patients and routing them to the appropriate care plan.

COVID-19 Self Check Application

The COVID-19 Self Check application guides a user through a series of questions to determine if they need to contact a doctor because they exhibit COVID-19 symptoms. A series of questions and answers guide the user through a pathway leading to tailored advice.

Check out an application was created for the Netherlands and is based on information from the CDC and WHO:

COVID-19 Triage

Clinicians in the field need to make quick decisions based on the latest information. This Decision Support Triage application
guides clinicians through the best pathways, and is constantly updated with the latest insights from experts all over the world.

COVID-19 Home Care – Remote Patient Monitoring

This Remote Monitoring application is for patients who do not have underlying conditions and who are advised to stay home during their illness. The patient can simply enroll and provide doctors with periodic updates on their health status. Health care professionals can access their version of the application and can connect to patients to follow their status. Clinical rules are used to evaluate and prioritize those patients who need the most urgent care.