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If you are interested in helping us bring LogicNets into your domain and you can add value by developing opportunities, offering specialized content, creating LogicNets applications on behalf of your customers, or deploying, supporting and servicing our products, please contact us. We have highly effective structured programs for each of our partnership categories and would be delighted to enroll you.

Solution Partner

Organizations recognized as dominant knowledge players in their domain who wish to make their knowledge assets available to a broader market by allowing LogicNets and its distribution partners to directly market and sell solutions based on their expert content.

OEM Partner

Organizations that traditionally provide knowledge-based solutions to a particular industry segment and who embed LogicNets as an underlying technology for creating and delivering their next generation applications.

Re-seller/Integration Partner

Companies who resell, deploy, and technically support LogicNets as a platform to meet the specific needs of business and professional customers in the industry segments and geographic regions they serve.

ICT Group

With over 40 years focused on technology, ICT Group is a leading European technical services company, based and publicly traded in the Netherlands. With more than 1000 professionals, ICT helps companies, products and projects develop further with smart, innovative, integrated and, most of all, challenging ICT solutions. ICT has been a critical partner for LogicNets, delivering and maintaining LogicNets-based solutions to leading European government and healthcare organizations.

ICT Group

INFICON manufactures and provides world-class instruments and systems for gas analysis, measurement, and control. Semiconductor manufacturers around the globe rely on INFICON-provided intelligent process information for timely decisions in the complex manufacturing environment of semiconductors, thin film coatings for optics, OLEDs, solar cells, data storage media and industrial vacuum coating. INFICON’s FABGUARD solutions group has built advanced eOCAP and guided QC and Maintenance applications for their customers to integrate with the FABGUARD monitoring system and the manufacturing execution system (MES).


G2 Speech has polished and perfected the art of providing digital dictation, speech recognition and workflow management solutions, focusing particular within healthcare on pathology and radiology. G2 Speech embeds the LogicNets platform as the engine for providing customer-managed intelligent structured and synoptic reports, powered by G2’s speech recognition product which is widely used in the UK, Netherlands, Belgium, and other European regions.

Limited Times/Tulane University

Limited Times is a legal research software company that has used the LogicNets platform to develop the Durationator — the first online system for researching usage constraints for copyrighted materials reflecting the unmatched and extensive knowledge about copyright law and usage aggregated over the years by Limited Time’s founders and staff, all of whom are associated with Tulane University Law School, an investor and the original incubation sponsor for the company. By LogicNets, the Durationator version has been able to capture in less than a year the highly complicated legal research protocols for copyright laws in the US and over 200 other countries. Accessing the cloud service, legal professionals can run online reports on demand to check the viability of using copyrighted works prior to investing in the rights or exercising potentially unsound usage strategies.


Elsevier is a publishing and analytics company specializing in scientific, technical, and medical content. Its products include renowned journals such as The Lancet and Cell, ScienceDirect, the Trends and Current Opinion series, the online citation database Scopus, and the ClinicalKey search engine for clinicians. Elsevier’s products also include digital tools for data management, instruction, and assessment

Elsevier has partnered with LogicNets in reaction to COVID-19 to address the global spike in clinical anxiety exacerbated by the pandemic. By rapidly capturing Elsevier clinical guidance content in the LogicNets online decision support platform, the companies were able to rapidly launch the Anxiety Screening tool in late April.  The site provides guidance to clinicians and patients through an intelligent and dynamic process for assessing the psychological impact and then routing users to important healthcare

Anxiety Screening Tool:
UCSF Medical Center
Pre-Op Diabetes Management

The UCSF Diabetes Research Center is a leading authority on the proper preparation of diabetes patients for surgery. Teaming with LogicNets they have created a powerful online interactive tool for guiding clinicians through the process of determining how diabetes patients should adjust their medications in preparation for surgery. This tool, which is now available to provider organizations, is known to have significantly improved outcomes and reduced surgery cancellations due to improper preparation.

Rome Foundation

Rome Foundation is the leading global medical society focused on functional gastroenterology disorders (FGIDS). Partnering with LogicNets, Rome has created a powerful online application for interactively guiding medical practitioners through the complex protocols for diagnosing and treating a wide range of complex mind-gut disorders.

Rome Foundation
Intermountain Healthcare

Intermountain Healthcare is a not-for-profit healthcare system and is the largest healthcare provider in the Intermountain West of the United States.  Through its Proven Imaging initiative, Intermountain has created evidence-based and CMS-qualified appropriate use criteria guidelines for advanced imaging.  Intermountain has qualified as CMS provider-led entity (qPLE) under PAMA.  Intermountain’s Proven Imaging guidelines are framed within a population health management model where evidence-based preventative, diagnostic, therapeutic, and palliative standardized care processes are interwoven to form evidence-based care pathways across the continuum of care.  LogicNets has partnered with Intermountain to make the Proven Imaging guidelines available as a LogicNets CDS mechanism service for the eight priority clinical areas enforced under the PAMA law.

Proven Imaging Initiative

New York-based Criterions has supported medical practices for over 20 years. Criterions provides integrated Practice Management and Electronic Health Record solutions for offices, clinics, and billing services of all sizes. Their innovative software system helps practices resolve all management tasks, from medical billing to claims remediation. Criterions also makes it easy to create a paperless office, with features designed to work for each unique practice.

Criterions has partnered with LogicNets to provide an integrated solution to its provider customers for appropriate use criteria (AUC) validation of advanced imaging procedures.  The LogicNets AUC Solution ensures that Criterions customers achieve easy and efficient compliance with PAMA and have the benefit of state-of-the-art guidelines for selecting the most appropriate imaging services.

Read the AUC blog on Criterions’ website.
Fivos Health

Many challenges confront the medical industry due to an extremely fragmented data management structure.  To address this fragmentation, Fivos created a Specialty-Based Vascular, Cardiovascular, and Women’s Health Workflow Application which functions as a “best of breed” performance layer in the inpatient workflow on top of inpatient electronic medical records (EMR). Using this clinical workflow expertise, Fivos has also developed the industry’s first “All in One” integrated platform application that runs as an outpatient EMR, image management & reporting, and practice management workflow solution.  All Fivos solutions act as an aggregator for structuring clinical data which in turn creates powerful data service offerings for multi-purpose, web-based, data mining and data analytics. Fivos is headquartered in Redmond, WA. For more information, visit…
Azalea Health

Azalea Health is changing the way health IT platforms connect community-based healthcare providers and patients across the care continuum. Offering a 100% cloud-based, interoperable solution, Azalea delivers electronic health records, revenue cycle management, and a fully integrated telehealth solution designed for rural, community and urban practices and hospitals. Quick to deploy and intuitive to use, Azalea solutions ensure better care coordination and communication, and the “one patient, one record” approach provides care teams the agility to achieve better outcomes. The Azalea platform also delivers tools and resources to help providers meet their Meaningful Use requirements, and informs their strategies to navigate accountable care and alternative payment models.   

Azalea has selected LogicNets as the qCDSM driving their users’ appropriate use validations for advanced imaging.  Azalea provides customers with access to its CDSM integration function and they  can then acquire the AUC consultation capacity directly from LogicNets.

For more than 160 years the American Medical Association (AMA) has worked to create a healthier future for patients.  AMA’s goals focus on scientific advancement, standards for medical education, launching a program of medical ethics, and improving public health. LogicNets partners with AMA to integrate AMA’s widely used CPT code sets as part of the informatics handling within Clinical Decision Support (CDS) applications.
Yes Logic

YesLogic is a software company dedicated to providing quality and innovative software products that are flexible, efficient, affordable and easy to use. YesLogic’s flagship product is Prince, the ground-breaking HTML to PDF formatter that sets new standards for printing on the web. LogicNets embeds and provides YesLogic Prince under license as the core of the LogicNets PDF Report Generator function.

HighSoft is the developer of the HighCharts data visualization software platform. HighSoft’s mission is to make it easy to visualize and consume data on the web.  Highcharts remains the fastest growing charting-tool in the competitive data visualization space. LogicNets embeds and provides HighCharts under license as the core of LogicNets Advanced Charting function.

Maximus/Attain is a leading US Government contractor and technical services company focused on supporting mission-critical federal programs and delivering results that matter to the people the government serves. Maximus/Attain help their customers build and enhance core applications and to successfully develop and realize their future plans. LogicNets partners with Attain to deliver the LogicNets no-code application development platform to federal customers including a long-term engagement for automating business processes at the US Security and Exchange Commission (SEC).
Modernizing Medicine

Founded by a practicing physician and a successful software entrepreneur, Modernizing Medicine (“ModMed”) is a leading developer of EHR software for specialty practices. The company offers general electronic health records, practice management, revenue cycle management and data analytics for doctors. Their mission is to place doctors and patients at the center of care through an intelligent, specialty-specific cloud platform. ModMed has partnered with LogicNets to provide their users with a CMS-qualified CDSM for AUC validation of advanced imaging orders required under PAMA.
One Medical

One Medical is a membership-based primary care practice on a mission to make getting quality care more affordable, accessible, and enjoyable for all through a blend of human-centered design, technology, and an exceptional team. The member’s experience is powered by intelligent uses of technology that helps schedule appointments, renew prescriptions, and message with a provider. One Medical has partnered with LogicNets to provide their users with a CMS-qualified CDSM for AUC validation of advanced imaging orders required under PAMA.

The RCPA is the leading organisation representing Pathologists and Senior Scientists in Australasia. RCPA has partnered with LogicNets to make their decision support system available to pathology organizations for structured pathology reporting. LogicNets has rendered a select group of RCPA and International Collaboration on Cancer Reporting (ICCR) structured pathology reporting protocols in its online guidance system so that pathologists throughout the RCPA community can access LogicNets’ powerful interactive structured reporting application for histopathological reporting.

Integra Connect is a leader in value-based, precision medicine solutions for specialty care. Integra Connect is driven to make specialty care practices clinically and financially successful through a comprehensive offering of technology and services, combined with unmatched industry expertise. Integra Connect has partnered with LogicNets to provide their users with a CMS-qualified CDSM for AUC validation of advanced imaging orders required under PAMA.
Guideline Central

Guideline Central partners with over 35 leading medical societies to aggregate important healthcare guidelines and make them available online as optimized clinical reference tools for a range of clinical use cases. Guideline Central has formed a strategic partnership with LogicNets to use the LogicNets platform for creating and delivering digitized computable clinical decision-support systems that can be integrated within EHRs to provide clinicians with valuable insights, workflows and customized pathways on an organizational level to aid in making decisions based on the latest evidence in patient care settings.