Boost Your Sales

Your sales process is where you forge profitable long-term relationships with customers and the market. It is where expectations are set. And it’s not just about creating positive impressions. It involves determining the exact combination of products and services that will most cost effectively address your customer’s challenges. The technical configuration, client-specific documentation and collateral, the bill of goods, the pricing, the use of special discounts must all be performed correctly. And when your product catalog is voluminous and complex, this is not trivial and the cost of a mistake may lead to an unprofitable relationship. With LogicNets, your Sales operations team can deploy tools to rapidly and dynamically ensure that your processes and deliverables are optimal for each customer interaction.

More Selling

Your sales staff can focus on actually selling when you’ve completely automated the complex processes for assembling the right fulfillment information, qualifying opportunities and performing needs assessments, configuring tech solutions, preparing quotes/proposals, and analyzing performance.

Accurate Proposals

With complex solutions, it is critical to propose the right combination of products, options, and services. Your proposals need to identify needs, match that to budget, and from that build an offering that will result in customer satisfaction and doesn’t leave money on the table.

Higher Margins

Transactions are more profitable when your reps consistently avoid errors and inefficiency and can successfully prove to customers that they need to address a broad range of needs with your premium options.

Informed Customers

Customer satisfaction is at its peak when your customers truly understand the goals and capabilities of your offerings. Optimizing your processes for assessing needs, proposing solutions and backing your recommendations up with strong customer-specific collateral ensures that customers are not just getting information, but have access to the right information.

Unique Features for Sales Solutions

Create applications to guide your staff, partners, and customers through an efficient sales process. By building needs assessment and solution configuration tools in LogicNets, you can automatically match customers with products and services, build the right bill of goods, answer common questions, and generate quotes.

  • Match products and supporting information to customer needs
  • Calculate pricing and perform math underlying configuration decisions
  • Create PDF reports with configuration and pricing recommendations
  • Suggest similar options
  • Rank alternative recommendations
  • Link features to roles
  • Include any existing documentation or relevant reference information in final report
  • Distribute printable reports
  • Connect to your CRM
  • Track and report on utilization of sales tools

Create Your Sales Applications

Quote Calculation

You can easily model rules of all levels of complexity to automate configuration of the bill of goods, dynamically calculate prices, generate proposals, or compare and rank offering options.

Product Configuration

Guide customers to the most appropriate product or service offerings to meet their special needs. Use historical data to make specific recommendations. Compare recommendations to internal or competitive offerings.

Sales Workflow

Consolidate all the discreet steps of your sales process into an integrated workflow. Allow customers to interact directly with tools to indicate their status, preferences, and needs. Trigger sales rep follow-up actions supported by automatically generated tools and materials. Guide reps through follow-on customer interactions. Track and analyze your end-to-end sales process to improve productivity and maximize results.

Collateral/Document Generation

Dynamically generate critical documents that address the customer’s specific needs, including agreements, statements of work, and other customer or project-specific documents.