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Making Healthcare Smarter

Clinicians and practitioners can’t be experts in every area and are constantly challenged by the rapid progress of studies and evolution of new knowledge. To provide guidance, organizations are augmenting their workflow infrastructure to provide next generation tools for reinforcing informed decisioning. LogicNets is a strategic platform to help organizations give clinicians immediate access from the workflow to guidance and supporting information for: diagnoses and treatments, appropriate use validation for medications and procedures, structured reporting, screening and assessments, patient care management, and much more.

Appropriate Use

Get ready! Under the Protecting Access to Medicare Act of 2014 (PAMA) all providers in the US will be required by CMS to ensure that their advanced imaging orders have been validated electronically through the use of a CMS-qualified electronic clinical decision support mechanism (qCDSM). LogicNets is a qCDSM provider. With our AUC Solution, we have partnered with qualified provider-led entities (qPLEs) authorized by CMS to provide the mandatory clinical guidelines under PAMA. Generally, our powerful LogicNets Clinical Decision Support platform allows Providers, PLEs and EMR vendors to develop robust appropriate use validation capabilities for the CMS AUC mandate as well as to comply with constantly evolving new and additional clinical guidance requirements.

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Structured Reporting

From clinical procedures to population health research, collecting complete and accurate information is vital. LogicNets lets you create intelligent and dynamic voice-enabled structured reporting applications to guarantee proper support of patient care and research. Clinicians in pathology, radiology, oncology, and other areas deploy LogicNets reporting applications to improve user productivity while ensuring clinical quality and meeting the data objectives of population health research. LogicNets reports support each clinician’s way of working. The system dynamically computes results, presents them on-screen, and structured output to feed downstream workflow and systems.

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Clinical Decision Support

Clinical decision support (CDS) has long offered great promise for improving healthcare by giving practitioners on-demand, easy-to-consume access to diagnostic/treatment and managed care protocols from within the workflow. LogicNets is a next-generation CDS platform that overcomes the historical shortcomings around workflow integration and intelligent interactive behavior that have limited CDS adoption. Medical knowledge organizations, professional societies, and providers from all medical fields use LogicNets to directly capture and deliver their special areas of evidence- and consensus-backed knowledge as a vital on-demand resource within the workflow. Clinicians trust our graphical representation of algorithms and care pathways because it allows them to quickly see and review all scenarios without laborious data entry or processing of dense reference material.

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